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Tyre Suppliers for the FIA World Rally Championship 2011 -2015

Reifen für den Rennsport - DMACK DMT-RC
The DMACK DMT-RC asphalt racetyre delivers high performance on both dry and moist sealed surfaces. Featuring the WRC pattern, the tyre has achieved DOT and E mark certification which allows it to be used on World and European Rally Championship events.

This pattern is available throughout our size range and is proving popular in historic rallying. The tyre complies with the new 2014 FIA regulations to use tread patterns which could help improve safety on asphalt events.







Size Chart

Size   Compound   Overall Diam
  Tread Width
  Wheel Size (optimum)
195/50 R13   W3 T51 T71 T91   530mm   168mm   200mm   7 (8)
225/45 R13   W3 T51 T71 T91   530mm   195mm   226mm   8 (9) 10
175/60 R14   W3 T51 T71 T91   570mm   154mm   179mm   5.5 (6) 6.5
195/50 R15   W3 T51 T71 T91   580mm   168mm   200mm   6 6.5 (7)
225/45 R15   W3 T51 T71 T91   580mm   212mm   226mm   7 (8) 9
195/50 R16   W3 T51 T71 T91   605mm   168mm   195mm   6 (7) 7.5
205/50 R17   W3 T51 T71 T91   637mm   205mm   212mm   6.5 (7) 7.5
225/45 R17   W3 T51 T71 T91   647mm   212mm   226mm   7 (8)
225/40 R18   W3 H3 S3 XS3   647mm   212mm   226mm   7.5 (8) 9



DMACK’s range of asphalt tyres is led by the DMT-RC which features the familiar WRC mixed pattern – helping to promote increased levels of safety on sealed surface event.



Optimum Operating Temperature Range

22°C bis 35°C T51/H3 Hard compound
 8°C bis 22°C T71/S3 Medium compound
-6°C bis 10°C T91/XS3 Soft compound
  W3 Wet compound




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